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Batch A - Digital Marketing

This course will concentrate on HOW YOU CAN SELL ANY PRODUCT, SERVICE, OR BUSINESS TO TENS, HUNDREDS, OR EVEN THOUSANDS OF CUSTOMERS. You see, creating a product is no longer difficult. Finding a market for your goods and convincing people to buy it is the difficult part. If no one wants a product, how amazing can it be? – Marc Andreesen, a successful VC worth billions. No longer do we reside in a "field of dreams." They won't come if you build it, so don't. You need to be proactive in going out and finding consumers if you want your startup or small business to succeed. You need to comprehend contemporary marketing channels in order to do it. That is specifically what this course covers. We'll cover: • Social media marketing through Twitter, Instagram, & SnapChat • Community management and promotion through Reddit, ProductHunt, & HackerNews • Pitching press and getting covered in blogs, news outlets, & other media sites • Creating, managing, and promoting blog posts through Wordpress, Medium, & guest blogs. • Creating & promoting video ads and video content through your site & through YouTube • Introduction to Building a long term SEO strategy • Designing and executing CPC ad campaigns through Google, Bing, & Facebook

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  • How to create A Facebook Page for business
  • How to create a professional Instagram account
  • How to create Facebook, and Instagram Ads
  • How to create a LinkedIn Company Page
  • Introduction to Email Marketing using Mailchimp


Our Syllabus


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